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I have one of the earlier versions of the 445. Although mine had problems from the factory it was cleaned up by a good gun smith. Cylinder clearance issue.
Nice report by the way.
One thing that surprised me was the Speer gold dot,,, 661 FPS. That’s almost walking speed.
I’m a stick in the mud and keep Silvertips in my specials, mainly because I purchased a case of them many years ago.
I don’t know how weight compares between the UL and the standard but mine with factory loads shoots much lighter than the Charter Bulldog with the same rounds.
As far as the grips, I never cared for Taurus’s soft squishy grips and I like the ones that are on mine better. As far as accuracy they compare at your 7 yard range. Never shot 50 feet so can’t comment on that.
I’m a 44 specialoholick and buy anything within my means that eats 44’s. I had doubts about this gun (It was used and I knew about the problems when I purchased it) but overall it's been a good gun and has been shot a quite a bit.
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