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Might be a thicker rim, or some difference in the geometry of the rim,
Still any good double action has a breechface raised a hair higher than the recoil shield, once the fired case rotates past the breech face it should not be able to drag.
If excessive fouling or leading is present on the cylinder at the chamber mouths then the cartridge is not well suited to revolvers.

If the powder charge is a hot one, or the bullets too soft, it can blast lead from the base of the bullet into the cylinder gap. A copper wash bullet that sheds the wash under that sort of blast would compund the problem, the copper being harder than lead would drag more.

I use Federal .22 LR in everything, and they work great in guns that don't work very well with anything else.

Check the forcing cone. I had a Ruger Bearcat you couldn't hit the ground with if you dropped it. Years later I found that a number of Bearcats got past the rather laughable QC without having the forcing cone cut.
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