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This is a link to an article discussing how disingenuous the President and other gun control proponents are in their use of the statistics in this study, summarized here.

Among other things, the author points out that the survey was done almost 20 years ago (1994), had a very small sample size (251), that over 75% of the referenced sales occurred before mandatory checks were implemented, and that if you break out the data to expose assumptions made (about friends, family, and other transfers), a truer number of unchecked transactions is 11.5%.

I also located this report, by the Bureau of Justice Statistics in 2001, that surveyed inmates on how they obtained firearms, and what firearms they used. Less that 2% obtained them at gun shows or flea markets (what percentage of those had background checks done was not specified), and less than 2% used full auto or the dreaded “military-style semiautomatic firearm” (pistols, rifles or shotguns with high capacity mags and the usual scary cosmetic features).
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