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I have an early universal m1 carbine with usgi parts and its great for a shooter. Doesnt seem like a good time to be looking for any m1 carbine with the prices. Look at what the universals are currently going for on gunbroker etc. i agree though, get a usgi carbine if money is not an issue. There will be some people that say you can get one in the 500- 600 dollar range, ya right. I would like to know where they live or where they see those prices. I have seen a few in that range and they look like they have been sitting on the bottom of the ocean. If i were to look though, i would ignore the condition of the stock or how "pretty" the grain is and focus on the condition of the metal finish and be sure the barrel isnt shot out. And if your not a collector, it really shouldnt matter if the parts arent matching as long as they are usgi. Maybe start by looking for an inland made carbine; if believe they made the most thus price should be lower than say an ibm or rockola..
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