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I am frequently amazed by the number of Taurus people who insist this is about the low price of their guns, and the owners of expensive guns just looking down their noses at them.

I have owned a Novak custom, and own a Baer and a Hunter Custom at present.

I have also owned guns bought for a whole lot less, in a similar price range with comparable Taurus products (Beretta PX4 - $400ish; FNX pistols - also $400ish; used S&W - high $300s; new S&W 442 - $350).

If I can find a gun I like at a lower price, I'll pounce on it quite happily. I wish I had a better opinion of Taurus, because I think a 9mm J-frame sized revolver would be very good to have, and they have the only one of those currently on the market.

It isn't a snobbery issue, it's having seen, first-hand (though I did not OWN them), Taurus revolvers that arrived NIB with binding cylinders or very bad timing, or cylinder alignment that was obviously not parallel to the barrel. We are talking errors that could be seen without even picking the gun up from the shelf, in a couple cases.

Does that mean that ALL, or even MOST Taurus guns will come like that? Of course not. If just means that having seen them, myself, I have no trouble believing the posters on TFL who describe having purchased such guns - though I do think some of them should have done better inspections prior to the purchase.

Having heard from a gun shop owner and a gun shop manager (both of whom I know, and one of whom is a long-time TFL member) about repeated problems with shipping, turnaround times, and communications issues with Taurus CS for their problem NIB guns, I have no trouble believing the posters on TFL who describe having had such problems.

It isn't about the lower cost. As another poster mentioned, RIA has a good reputation, and those guns are not exactly expensive.
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