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The most accurate pistol is the one you learn how to shoot groups with. Now is a 1911 a good platform for accuracy? Sure, And they are well known for it. Is a glock accurate? Sure they can be very accurate in the right hands. Even Jennings J-22's can be accurate to some people. Its all about practice.
This is always the answer that comes up and I'll reply the same way I always do...

I think most people realize the shooter is much more important to accuracy than the gun. However, some pistols are much more accurate than others and the only way to measure that is to take the shooter out of the equation. When I speak of a gun's accuracy, I'm speaking from a a ransom rest or at least a bench rest. Again, I realize that isn't the real world. However, its the ONLY way to discuss a gun's accuracy. Otherwise there are too many variables.

You can talk about which gun has the better trigger or which can be easiest to shoot accurately, but that is a different conversation.

What's great about a high end 1911 is that it has great inherent accuracy AND a great trigger.
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