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I have not had a varmint rifle that wasn't a project. Generally I develop a love-hate relationship and if the kinks eventually get worked out it turns to genuine love.

I have a 3 year old SPS Varmint in .204 Ruger. History goes like this:

1. Factory trigger was terrible. Tried to adjust, stripped out an allen wrench screw on the darn thing. Hate this darn gun! Bought a Timney and installed myself. Problem #1 solved.

2. Rounds won't feed. Won't feed from magazine, but since I shoot one round at a time when in a prairie dog town, no big deal. But I have to gently hand feed each round, as the tip of a round will hang up on that square barrel end. I learned to live with it---and occasionally say something really crude when fiddling with the damn thing in the middle of a shoot. problem #2---live with it.

3. Gun would shoot a few rounds (3-4) good from a shiney clean barrel. Then a few rounds kind of scatter about, in more of a "pattern." After maybe 15 rounds things start to fall right where I want'em. After posting about that here in TFL I surmised that this gun does not need to be shiney clean. The most it gets is a patch with Hoppes, a couple of passes with the fiber brush, a couple of dry patches, a kiss and a promise. It shoots fantastic after the first fouling shot. Problem #3--easy fix, counterintuitive, but easy.

Don't give up. The SPS has become my favorite prairie dogger.
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