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Besides rifles made from scratch some Paki rifles may have started out as discarded condemned parts or deactivated DP rifles sold off for parts. No doubt some rifles captured in battle were rebuilt over the years.

BSA sold commercial manufactured duplicates of the British military rifles they had produced under government contracts. They sold some to Afghanistan government agencies when the country was a kingdom.

The action body may be a legit Enfield product, with the mis stamped E being an attempt to correct a missing letter after sanding away rust.
Even on near new condition SMLEs the lettering is sometimes not very well stamped with letters lightly struck at either end of the stamping.

While I've heard of SMLE rifle bayonet lugs or bosses altered to take the Carcano bayonet, I have not heard of any Italian owned SMLE with a Mauser type upper band and lug.

The rifle in the photos looks identical except for condition and markings to one posted on another forum several months back.
That rifle was a faked BSA and was most certainly a Dara copy.
While looking into that rifle we found a couple of much rougher specimens with the same appearance and features.

Most Dara copies have the E in Enfield stamped backwards.
If a backwards E were over stamped that might explain the odd look.
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