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Originally Posted by patriotic View Post
My experiences and my opinion on why there are Taurus bashers especially the PT1911 is because of jealousy. When you pay about $700 for a PT1911 with features other manufactures charge extra for and the pistol performs just as well as 1911’s costing 2 to 3 times more it is a tough pill to swallow. Then there are those “Top of the Line” 1911s that you must shoot 500 or so rounds just to have them work correctly or pay extra for a guaranteed accuracy that cannot be proven and compare them against this $700 Brazilian pistol that works like a charm right out of the box. Sure there have been issues with the PT1911 just like every other manufacturer of 1911s. I hear bashers say it doesn’t cost enough to be a good gun but the cost is in the labor and the cost of the parts you must buy from a third party. If you make all of your own parts, use machines (CNC) that you make yourself to cut down human labor cost sure you can make a better gun for less. What would you say if I told you your Colt, Springfield, Kimber and Smith & Wesson had Taurus MIM parts?
Just jealousy at the low price / high quality? Then how do you explain the almost universally positive reputation of $400 Rock Island Armory 1911s, even by folks that own much more expensive 1911s?

My brother and dad owned three Tauri between them. The two autos were a 9mm and a .40. Terrible. One choked all the time and the other actually had pieces fall off at the range. The wheel was an M85 and locked solid.

I can't stand Taurus not because of jealousy, but because they could have gotten a family member killed :-/

There is no conspiracy against Taurus. They're not hated to be hated. They have earned their reputation as a hit-or-miss, middling quality brand. Some are great. A lot aren't.

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