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What a pile of crap. So, it cost $25.00 for a tranfer. This is less than a box of ammo.

Lets face it, the truth is there is a group of business folks out there making a side living off buying and selling guns. They don't mean to sell to the wrong person but for a few bucks they might or might not care less. They will never know. They also want to limit their cost of business and do not want a record of transfer for tax reasons. Not to mention the cost of an FFL permit. They do not want to account for their total income. Tell me if I am wrong on this point.
Secondary gun sells are not the only type of business not wanting to report income.

Then you sell to a kin of yours, does everyone care whether they are spousal abuser or not or whether they suffer from PSTD? This includes gifts to others.

I understand the NRA Stand and I agree with it. There is a lot of other crap out there with private sales.

I never want to sell to the wrong buyer and have that on my conscience. I wish ever seller had the same morality. It is not a certainty, but at least the seller will know he did all he or she could do in the sell of a firearm.
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