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Originally Posted by shogan191
I'm confused. Can't we use an FFL for personal sales right now? If you want to sell a firearm to another individual why not just use an ffl and do a recorded transfer?
Because the FFL will charge a fee for the transfer, and a buyer won't want to pay more? It also might not be convenient for both parties to meet at a FFL's place of business.
For example, I once traded a CZ-52 pistol for a semi-auto rifle. The other guy was 40 miles north of me. We both drove 20 miles and met in the middle. Both of us walked into the transaction with a gun, and we both walked out with a gun. I can't honestly say whether he was a felon, but either way, he had a gun. The status quo did not change.

Can you imagine what a pain in the neck this would have been if we had to find a dealer in the middle? Find a dealer, wait in line, pay $35, actually $70 for both transfers, possibly make two trips for a conditional approval/non approval, or waiting period.

And what happens when I hand my guns down to my kids and grandchildren? Even if they regulate it at $10 a transfer, I'm paying at least $10,000 to have my guns down.

It's all horse crap. And can't be enforced without registration anyway. How else are they going to prove you transferred it and didn't already own it before the background check law? And what are they going to do about guns without serial numbers? They really weren't required until 68.
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