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Quite correct. I've seen more than a few percussion guns with nipples smashed flat from dry firing.
Yep. I used to own one.

I had a set of nipples for shooting, and a set for dry-firing. The dry-fire nipples were pretty hammered, by the time I sold it. (No pun intended. )

As for general dry-firing... every firearm I've ever owned has been dry-fired. For some of them, dry-firing is avoided (like the WWII-era Winchester shotgun). Others are dry-fired to decock them, for storage (even rimfires like the Browning Buckmark). And, others have seen many thousands of dry-fire cycles, for practice, trigger work, or finger exercises.

One of the high dry-fire-count firearms is even a Taurus - a PT138 (Gen I).
It was a pile of crap when I bought it, and required a significant amount of tuning, polishing, and tweaking, to run reliably. In the process of doing that work, I dry-fired it several thousand times. And, since then, I've dry-fired it at least 500 more times. It's doing just fine.
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