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^^^ That's pretty much it.

As far as an ammo plant goes, I have the LNL-AP and started out with the base machine and added the case feeder later.

From all the comments I've read on the 3 forums I belong to, about the Hornady press, the most of the comment are that we prefer to set our own bullets instead of using a bullet feeder.

Just so you know, you can't run lead bullets through Hornady's bullet feeder, so if you decide to use it for pistol bullets also and want to shoot lead instead of jacketed, the bullet feeder is a waste of money.

The case feeder though, on any of the progressives, Orange, Blue or Green are a reel asset if setup correctly IMO. Mine works really well and probably doubled my output.

Like said by Schmellba99 and others, if you want the most possible for accuracy, use a single stage.
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