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Originally Posted by bonefamily
Being a musician for more than 30 years, I do indeed own a few metronomes

Think of your trigger as a musical instrument, and dry firing to a metronome will likely be very helpful. Imagine a new student playing a simple scale while keeping a very irregular rhythm. Their teacher would likely pull their hair out, then get them to keep constant - going up and coming down. So it is with a DAO trigger - constant pull to the end, same constant return to the end, with smooth non-breaking transitions between.

Try starting off at 50bpm. At first, just hold the pistol with 2 hands at chest level while doing your "scales". Just to get a feel for a smooth even tempo. There's absolutely no rush here. If it takes 5 minutes, great. If it takes a week, no worries. At some point when you feel ready, go to 60bpm, then 70 & 80. At some point, start aiming the pistol, too: Get a good sight picture and watch the front sight while doing your scales. You may have to go back down at this point if you notice your front sight dancing around.

BTW, I've never seen a metronome recommended before - it's something I came up with while doing some of my own dry firing, so you won't likely find much about it by Googling. Nonetheless, it's helped me a bunch.
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