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I live in Oregon, where there is no registration on firearms, and have been many gun shows here but not in any other states. I see people having their backgrounds checked at gun shows, and believed this to be the case across the country, so was confused by the "Gun Show Loophole". I thought the "Gun Show Loophole" dog and pony show was resolved back when the anti-gun types called it "Kitchen Table" sales.

The anti-gun types seem to be very effective in pushing this aspect of their gun-control, and the only real motivation I can see is that to regulate private transactions would require that the item being bought/sold be logged in a database that tracks who owns what, I just don't see any way to require background checks of private transactions without a national registry and big trouble for possessing an un-registered firearm.

So it seems to me that the purpose for universal background checks is universal gun registration and this has been their goal for a long time.
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