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That is as far as you need to or want to go. If you start driving out pins you will be visiting a gunsmith with all the parts in a paper bag with a hangdog look on your face. Repeat, do not drive out any pins.
Completely agree! I've twice decided I was going to detail-strip mine, and both times stopped at the first step beyond the field strip; discretion truly is the better part of valor.
For cleaning the internals in the back/rear of the frame, I have hosed it down liberally with break-free, cycled the action multiple times to agitate, then hosed out with brake cleaner.
After drying, I'll give it a shot of Strike Hold, One Shot, or other dry lube, mostly to prevent rust on those internal parts that were previously cleaned and stripped of protection, then apply some conventional gun oil on the points that can be reached with a needle oiler.
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