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your G date was built on a DWM frame as it seems to miss the Mauser hump and P.08 imprint.
From what I read, G dates and 1936 S/42s, do not have the Mauser hump. The Mauser hump was on some K date (1934) lugers, and it became standard in 1937 after the feature was not present in 1935 or 1936. I don't think the
"P.08" mark came until much later.

Were you suggesting that it was an old completed DWM frame which Mauser used to make a luger? I would think that those frames would have been used up already, but perhaps not? I never thought about that. I do know that Mauser acquired the tooling from DWM, and I suppose some finished parts as well.

Thanks for the compliments. I liked your guns as well.
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