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Don't disagree w boycotting Stallone, but if you are going to boycott every actor/actress who is either Anti gun or a hypocrite, you wont be watching much of anything new. Stick to Tom selleck, chuck Norris, Steven seagal, charleston Heston, brad Pitt, eastwood, willis and James garner movies. Only a couple of these still making movies.
Actually, 1stmar, that isn't a bad choice. Now movies lean heavily on CGI and shock value and not so much on good writing acting and cinematography. This is especially true of the classic age of hollywood.

Actors back then had flaws and scandals but not like now. Today's 'stars' are so pathetically dysfunctional I wouldn't let any of them in the house.

Simply put, I refuse to undergo the annoyance of trying to derive entertainment from the filmed ego trips of elitists who don't think we peasants deserve rights.
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