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I have multiples. No problems. Guns of every other make have come & gone, but I've not traded in a single Taurus:

M44 -- 6 inch 44 mag -- has accounted for several deer. Excellent, durable, and highly accurate gun. My other deer hunting gun is a SRH, and it gets far less field time because the Taurus is older, and has my full faith & trust. Topped with red-dot scope, I'm good to 100 yards with it. It's better than that -- I'm not.

651B -- snubby 357 mag. Small, zero profile hammer. Totally reliable and pretty good (as good as any snubby) in the accuracy department. Very easy to conceal and frequent all-season carry gun.

Tracker 44. New to the fold. Highly accurate, light, and fun to shoot with my moderate 44mag handloads. Fullblown deer loads are another story -- they will definitely wake you up -- but this is a bear-protection gun, and I'm not going to be shooting full house loads all day long with it.

Tracker 22 (7-shot Model 970, not the newer 9-shot 992). Topped with a red-dot scope, super accurate at 50 yards, and a lot of fun to shoot. 7 shots, totally dependable.

Maybe I'm just lucky. I have equal numbers of other brands in the safe, but don't feel like I'm taking out the "cheap gun" when I take out one of the Taurus guns. Again, for deer hunting, I completely rely on the M44. For carry, I trust my life to the 651. And these are not safe-queens, especially the M44 and the 651. I shoot the hell out of them, thousands of rounds through the M44, and they've held up (including the blued finishes) beautifully.
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