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That's what the Evil Pawn Shop Guy said,,,

My net worth has actually increased substantially due to the new value of my arsenal should I need cash for some reason!
Well he didn't say those exact words,,,
But he did tell me that if I had any guns I would sell,,,
Now is the time to do so because he can guarantee some good prices.

I'm so glad that I went on that gun buying spree in November-January last year,,,
I wasn't thinking of this madness especially but was just spending some windfall money.

I had made a wish-list of every gun I really wanted to own,,,
Now the list only has a few that I can easily live without.

I thought I had paid high when I bought a very nice S&W Model 63 for $625.00,,,
Today the auctions show only one for that price as of now,,,
There are seven more auctions and they are all over $750.00 today.

I might be able to turn a quick buck today,,,
But I would never be able to replace them tomorrow.

What sucks is that even the el-cheapo revolvers,,,
The ones I could afford to buy as graduation gifts for friends have gone out of sight as well.




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