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Some folks don't like the little rifles, and that's okay. With proper load development, they shoot just fine.

Originally Posted by steveNChunter
Im hearing more and more on here and looking at other forums how these guns are picky about how they sit on a rest, and also that they are ammo picky. May go with the Ruger American as there really isnt a big price difference
That's a perfectly valid comparison. A bolt gun might suit you better than the Handi rifle. I like my bolt guns, too. I got into Handi rifles when Louisiana started allowing them for what they call the Primitive Weapon season for deer. I had been using a muzzle-loader and had good luck with it, but centerfire cartridges are so much more convenient.

I bought my first one in .45-70 and for about a year when I'd go into the local pawn shop it seemed that they'd have another Handi coming off pawn. I use mine as beating-around guns, grandkid guns, and teaching tools. With a neophyte shooter, it's awfully safe to give them one round off ammo at a time.

Before long, I had quite a stable of the little rifles, so I wrote a brief review of the guns over at the site.

But, if a bolt gun suits your needs, by all means, get a bolt gun. There are lots of those on the pawn shop racks, too, and I still pick up the occasional rifle if the price is right and it is in a caliber that I can use.
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