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I understand that....there is no "listed OAL" fro .223. an overall case length yes but most manuals do not provide a max and min. I understand the sizing for a magazine load vs bolt action. I want the bullet as close to the rigfling in the mouth as I can get it without feed issue.

I know the knurling is there for a reason for the crimp, but it a rather large range I can crimp on...I'm not going to guess. I'd like to know a precise depth measurement.

Both are good primers??? I'm asking whats the difference between benchmark and a typical CCI or TULAmmo small rifle primer... not if they are sufficient. I know CCI primers and mag large rifle primers are "good" I'm just wondering what the difference is...if any from a benchmark primer, and typical small rifle primer.

I'm also asking about exact grain loads on .223 for Benchmark... what has worked best for 55 gr BT, not so much if they are a good powder. I know many use vargat, I couldn't find anything else except benchmark....

I have read extensively on barrel wear and tracers.... thats an entire different can of worms.
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