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I am going to purchase a Lee Precision CLASSIC TURRET PRESS KIT. Any recommendations on powder scales and brass cleaners?
If you anticipate never needing to weight anything over 100 grains, the Lee Safety Scale will work fine. It has a reputation for being hard to use.

Past that, my RCBS 505 has been just fine. Don't know what they cost. I got mine under $3.50 at a garage sale. (Bw-ha-ha! I wonder if someone's wife got herself in trouble selling that.)

You do not need to go electronic.

For peace of mind, you'll want to pick up a check weight set sometime.

Brass cleaner. I would say go with this, because the bundle gets you the media separator as well, which is a big time labor saver.

One other thing I guess I will need to buy is a set of calipers.
I use Lyman's Dial Caliper. Works well.
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