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The difference bp & smokeless

@ Delmar:

BLACK POWDER is easily ignited, makes a lot of smoke and leaves much of a residue in the barrel.

Normal load of black powder of about 4.5 grams for a shotgun 16 ga makes about 400 bars pressure.

The pressure created is somewhat lesser in the chamber and steadily progresses and increases by the end of barrel which is the reason for louder gunshot, and stronger recoil when compared to modern smokeless powder.
Increasing the amount of black powder load proportionally increases the pressure in the barrel – proportionally as well. Roughly for 1 gram of load increase the pressure will increase for about 100 bars. For this reason black powder can be measured by standard volumetric measures. It can also be used in bullet casings without stiffeners. Due to various production types the package instructions must be followed. To be stored in airtight packages, the best in dark bottle in cool and dry place. Very sensitive to moisture.

Harder to ignite, no smoke and minimal residue in barrel!

At open space, burns slow and uniformly and makes almost no smoke. It is harder to ignite when compared to black powder. For this reason only special ignition caps can be used AND NOT black powder ignition caps.
For comparison:
Smokeless powder load for 16ga shotgun in amount of 1.80 grams makes pressure of 500 bars.
Black powder load for 16ga shotgun in amount of 4.50 grams makes 400 bars pressure.

Increasing the load weight of smokeless powder will make progressive increase of pressure in the barrel. So, incresing the same load by 0.50 grams will make the barrel pressure to about 1000 bars, and increasing the load by 1.0 gram gets to 3500 bars. For this reason it is not recommended to make volumetric measures, but to use precise weight scale because the smallest error can lead to explosion of barrel and to personal injuries.

When compared to black powder, the smokeless powder makes the highest pressure in the bullet chamber and slightly decreases to the end of barrel, This makes less loud gunshot, and softer recoil.

Each type of smokeless powder may differ in specific weight and must be loaded as per makers instructions to avoid accidents.
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