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Have Y'all held a Hawken

Firt off, I'm not posting this to crow but to express how lucky I am. At this past weekend's gun show, I spotted an old sidelock behind the seller's main table. At about 10', I undressed it for about five minutes. I then asked the seller if "that" was what I thought it was? He smiled and and said yes. I politely asked him if I could see it and jokingly offered to pay rent. ....
He handed it to me and requested that I not drop it. I could not believe I was actually holding one after all these years of being into M/L's. The barrel was larger and heavier than I could have imagined. We both guessed that it was a .56 or larger. Owner said that it had gone to Oregon in the early 1800's and wound up back in the Midwest. He bought it from a private collector and claimed he got a good deal. Needless to say, this was the best gun show I have been to, in the past thirty years and hard to express the feeling ...

Beck in the early 70's, I saw my first Hawken (Great Plaines Rifle) in the Smithsonian institute, in a glass case. Did not bother to ask if I could hold that one ....

I would ask if any of you, have ever held one and what feelings you experienced for this kind of stuff, touches the heart. ....

Be Safe !!!
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