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Since this is shot with 22 rimfire lever guns, I would venture a guess that it is not a bench match. When I shot smallbore match in college, we were shooting the traditional 10-spot target at 50 feet (17 yds). The X ring on a NRA 50 ft smallbore target is smaller than a 22 bullet, the 10 ring is only slightly larger than a 22 bullet. Perfect scores were common. Ties are broken with number of Xs, and 5 or so Xs were needed to be competitive for a winning position. Now granted, this is with match rifles, palm rests, and micrometer sights and not a rimfire lever action, but I have seen many rimfire lever actions that would be capable of doimg fairly well on those targets from a bench. I just don't think that's what the designers of this match had in mind.
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