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Purchased two revolvers new:
  • Taurus stainless 6" 970 Tracker in .22 LR.
  • Cylinder spun freely out of the box,,,
  • Sent to Taurus and received barely turning cylinder.
  • Taurus blue 4" 990 Tracker in .22 LR.
  • Cylinder would freeze up after a half a box of ammo,,,
  • Sent to Taurus and received no improvement.

Purchased a .22-PLY and a 25-PLY new through Buds,,,
  • Never had a problem with either of these two guns.
  • The .25 doesn't get shot very much,,,
  • The .22 is a solid performer.

My statement to people who are considering a Taurus is this:
  • Check out the gun very carefully before signing the check,,,
  • If you get a good one from their factory it will probably be good forever,,,
  • If you get a bad one from the factory it's anyone's guess whether they will ever fix it properly.

That's my experience,,,
Your experience might be different.


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