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Ahha sorry to offend a master polisher
And no that is not ment as a smart aleck remark

No I don't have a D profiler
Know all about Gesswin stones and DME
Have a assortment of several hardness and grades.
I have knowledge of your type of work.

Trained as a moldmaker on injection molds.

I was pointing out or trying to point out that no method of polishing will remove a scratch in chamber without making said chamber out of spec.
You said same thing , just a more technical way.

I polished the dies I made but the optical Len dies went to a guy like you to finish
Which we had a teacher like you at school but alas not the case.

A split polish stick like I said is just to slick up a chamber not remove scratches.

Keep posting as I said in another thread, stop learning and you stop being the best you can be.
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