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I wasn't kidding and I'm not new to shooting.

I'm NOT an expert, so I thought I'd ask some experts.

My father used to tell me that after fighting in WWII and the Korean War, he had had enough of guns. He stayed in, but was in Quartermaster till he retired. He was a Master Sergeant, and could avoid carrying a weapon most of the time. I was an Army brat until I was 13. My dad had never hunted 4-legged animals and had no experience, or interest in teaching me.

I started seriously pursuing "The Art of the Rifle" at the age of 53. I'm 60 now. I was able to go hunting last season with a guy I work with who has been hunting since he was 12. I never saw a doe.

I go to the range as often as I can. I'm reliable at 200 yards, and belong to a club with a 600 yard range. With my 270 win, I've probably shot 2 or 3 thousand rounds. I keep my brass, so I know it's quite a lot.

I've taught myself pretty much everything I know, as far as technique. I talk to people I know that are gun enthusiasts like my new hunting partner.
I also get advice from my club members.

I DO appreciate help, but I do feel like I was being mocked for asking a stupid question. And yes, there really is such a thing as a stupid question.
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