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I have G-20 in 10mm and a 3" S&W 629 in 44 mag. The G-20 is 1" shorter, weighs 3/4 lb less and holds 2 1/2 X more ammo.

While 44mag performance looks impressive in ballistics charts, those numbers come from 8" test barrels. Start shooting those same loads from 3"-4" barrels and they don't look nearly so impressive.

Real numbers, with these guns shot over my chronograph show the 10mm shooting 200 gr hardcast loads from Double Tap @ 1315 fps. The 3" 629 shoots 240 gr bullets @1150 fps. Real world performance from the 10mm is closer to magnum revolver performance than most guys realise. From a 6" or longer barrel I could get 1400-1500 fps from the 44, but I'll carry a carbine before I'll carry a handgun that large.
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