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Thanks for your faith and info James. Like I said before and what the pictures lack is showing the uniform lettering and how uniform the workmanship is on the rifle. The nosecap looks off, my thought on that is that either someone put an incorrect nosecap on it or that picture shows some shadowing that makes it look wrong. I only had a couple of minutes with the gun as I was at work and had to get back inside. My only guess on the AMI stamp from what I've read and the only thing that even really makes sense is the Italian Air Force after 1946 was renamed Aeronautica Militare Italiano. Which makes sense because the Brits sold a batch of Enfield rifles to the Italians after WWII, some went to the Navy, others went to the Air Force. As for the odd font on the wristband, I will take better pictures on Wednesday, the spacing and whatnot was straight and even. Not sure what to say, but I know its been fired with commercial winny ammo as well as privipartizan
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