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If the little J-22 doesn't freed, you probably need to replace the recoil spring. We're talking about a gun that is over 15 years old! Rhorbaugh requires that you replace their recoil springs after 200-300 rounds fired. the quick fix is to stretch the recoil spring out a bit, replace it and see if that fixes the problem. if it does, then just buy a new recoil spring. The other issue could be that the magazine isn't seated correctly - another common problem wit the J-22.

The J-22 is a very simple gun. I believe that there are some bad J-22's out there, but all of them requirs some maintenance and common sense. If you had a Glock that wasn't feeding correctly most would agree - it's either a weak spring or the magazine (most likely an aftermarket magazine without steel feed lips in the case of Glock.)
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