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I don't think i am a authority on politics or laws in America. But i can see that further gun controls are now happening or being proposed. The idea that the people can stop it we will see. They have stoped some gun control in the past but not all. I will give you a example i bought a 25 rd mag for my rugger 10/22 on the package it listed a number of states that it couldn't be sold in America. If gun control concerns were high on the list of who people vote for in America how did president Obama get in for a second term. PS I don't mean to come across as insulting and don't think i am superior.
You can't stop everything. Some of these laws have a history of many years and things were different when they originated. Some of them are from states where the culture has changed and become much more liberal and (we feel) overly sensitive and restrictive. Other states are going the opposite direction and loosening the laws- Arizona and Wyoming have gone to Constitutional carry, which flies in the face of all these new proposals.

I live in New Mexico, what people think of as being the heart of the "Old West." Billy the Kid country. Yet last Monday and today the house Judiciary committee is having hearings on HB-77 to restrict private sales. Another house rep has crafted a bill along the lines of the one passed in NY outlawing "assault weapons" and high cap mags (HB 42). These reps are liberals who have different values from most of the people they actually represent. Lying about your intentions to get into office is not unheard of.

I attended the hearing last week and will again today. Lat week there was huge turnout from people who do not want these laws passed and the bill stalled. They made changes and resubmitted. Hopefully today we will kill it.

The reps have different reasons for making these attempts- in some cases, they truly are trying to make a name for themselves by justifying their existence and trying to become the authors of new legislation. That looks good for them for their future political careers, at the expense of the people and their liberties.
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