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I took a look in Speer's manual & it shows no loads using that bullet/powder combo. I think the reason is Speer lists the 200gr. GoldDot as a short bbl. lower velocity bullet.
Speer does list a 200 jhp using 26.5gr at 1590fps up to 28.5gr at 1688fps.
Your on your own but if it were me I'd load them using 26.5grs. of H110. I think the only thing that would happen is the GoldDot bullet will over expand when it hits the target.(jacket separation)
I just loaded some 230gr. SB GoldDots for 45acp at about 900fps. when I think they're rated for 800fps. So far no problems.
But you do what you thinks best. You can contact Speer.
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