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By TSJT I assume you mean Trinidad.Cool,good school.

I never went there.

In my trade of designing and building plastic injection molds,I learned a little different style than most gunsmiths .

My employer sent me to Chicago to understudy a master mold and die finisher.The US Mint had him polishing coining dies when I walked in his shop.He immediately put me to work polishing the cavities for a mold to make plastic spray can covers.

There are satellites in the sky that have miirors of tungsten carbide I hand polished to a total variation from flat of .0001.At least that was the spec'd tolerance,and the people building the satellite sent back compliments.

What is good for all of us to realize,there is an incredible range of experience and skills among the members of this forum.

It might be fair to say I could give your instructor at TSJC lessons on polishing.

I am very happy to pass on what I know,but I just am not interested in struggling.You go right ahead and do it the way you do it.

Ever used a DME profiler?Got one on my toolbox.Variable strokes 0 to about 1/4 in,0 to 14,000 strokes a minute.I float laps and stones with it using a pick.You know the Fordhem grinder,yes?I have a 1/2 hp 10,000 rpm version,thakes 1/4 in tools in the collet.I go down to a little 90 degree 175,000 rpm dental grinder.I have bulk 1 in thick rock hard felt I hole saw buffs out of.Cast iron laps?Do you know whay a puddle stone is?A stone like a Gesswein is sintered and vitrified.Its not good when the grit breaks down in a clump.That clump digs up your work.A puddlestone is like a japanese water stone.It won't do that.I do most of the rest with number 9 and number 12 diamond compound.

I can polish over edges,holes,lettering,and leave the edges flat,crisp,and sharp

For most of the mold work I did,the plastic part had to fall within common tolerances for a chamber.My work had to be 1/10th that tolerance.If the tolerance was .004,I got .0004.

My mentor is probably dead.The skills of old masters are like gold!I'm trying to give it away.
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