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i just bought a dan wesson model 22 i think 22 cal deep bluing , 6 in adjustible rear sight hi-vis front , checkered target wood grips . 6 shot 22 cal. super nice condition with a light cyl ring only mark on gun serial no. is 4 digit 44xx..any info would be helpful thank,s year , value etc....
I see this thread has resurfaced after being away for a year or so.

If you've got a 4 digit S/N gun, it's no doubt a "Monson gun" made in the Monson, Mass plant, early in the production. I can't give you an idea when it was made, but these folks can probably at least take a SWAG.

Since I last posted on this, I found another DW, 22, this one also a Monson Gun, with a 4" VH barrel. The trigger on this one is as good or maybe better that any other D/A revolver I've ever owned.

And they're not inexpensive anymore. The market has discoverd them and they're on the way up.j

What's yours worth? What'd you pay for it?
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