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Your recipe sounds identical to what I am using now.

Up until recently I hardened up crisco with the wax rings from under toilets. It works fine for cap and ball revolvers which is all I was shooting.

Now shooting BPCR I need a lube that is a little stiffer so I eliminated the wax rings and moved to beeswax. I have a constant cheap source of beeswax and so using it actually made my bore lube cheaper than when I was using was rings.

The reason I asked the questions I did a few posts above is that mutton tallow has some serious supporters who are long time shooters. People on this rofum who command my respect and to whom I should be paying attention.

So if they say that mutton tallow is better than Crisco, I am interested in finding out more about it.

And if lard gives substantially the same performance as mutton tallow, I might try that first.

Also, as Hawg said...I was incorrect when I spoke of lard coming from cows. I guess to me, it doesn't come from pigs or from cows. It comes from the grocery store......

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