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10mm. A Glock, 10mm, is arguably *one* of the most powerful handgun you can own, due to the fact you get 15 rounds of 10mm, follow up shots as easier then heavier loads, and you get more rounds (15) A fully loaded 10mm Glock (or EAA) overpowers any 5 or 6 shot revolver. If you shot a target 6 times with .44 mag from a revolver VS shooting it 15 times with the 10mm, the 10mm would obviously do massively more damage due to the extra shots. There is even some military that carries the 10mm Glock as a sidearm.... In polar bear territory!

5 to 6 shots of .44 magnum doesn't equal as much firepower as 15 shots of 10mm.
So a 10mm would be the best choice, without a doubt. If you come across multiple wolves, you sure don't want only 5-6 rounds! And a 10mm is fully capable of taking out wolves, plus you'll have 3 times the rounds as a 5 shot revolver.

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