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I only owned Taurus revolvers and they all had issues, some minor and some serious. I've since sold all of them and never gone back, that was almost ten years ago. Last year I got a chance to spend a day with a more recent example from Taurus, the famed Judge. It had a terrible trigger, very stiff cylinder latch and a sticky ejection rod, all problems I had with the ones I owned.

While some people have great experiences with Taurus firearms, I've found them to be the pig wearing lip stick of the gun industry. They sure look good sitting in that case, sometimes even better than the more expensive S&W or Ruger sitting right next to it. But in the end, its function over form every time when it comes to guns.

My opinion is purely based on experience; I'm not part of the "never owned a Taurus but I bash them anyways" conspiracy I hear so much about.

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