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Had a Taurus 605 .357 snub-nose. Fit and finish was on par with the price I suppose. The cylider catch got stuck twice and the cylinder wouldn't lock into place. I thought I fixed it myself the first time, I had to drive it out with a punch. Basically just disassembled it and took a tapered knife sharpener and tried to polish the hole. The second time it happened I fixed it and then sold it as quick as I could and bought a ruger SP101. Everything about the ruger is far superior to the Taurus.

Had a friend who bought a Judge. Very quickly it fell out of time and was useless. It got fixed and sold to another friend and I'm unaware of any issues since.

Another time I was in a gun store and someone brought in a judge to be sent back for warranty repair. I didn't hear what was wrong with it but I did hear him say it was the second time going back for the same problem.

Conversely I have another friend who is very happy with his PT145 with no malfunctions that I know of. However I think the gun only has maybe 500 rounds through it in about 5 years or so.
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