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If I could I'd ditch the Idea of a pistol. Shotguns are wonderful close in stop the predator weapons. A .44 magnum lever action (I think Henry's Big Boy holds 11 rounds) would be second.
If you have to go with a Hi Cap pistol 10mm may be your only choice.
One of the Tokarevs in 7.62x25 would be a weapon you could beat on without worries for cheap with a cartridge known for it's penetration but I'd worry about the fact that the round only makes small holes.
I've spent more time than I care to think about driving on Idaho back roads. I had 200+ mile commute at one point. I've stopped and looked at up close a roadkill wolf, I was in Idaho at the time.
I was in awe at how big it was. Realize what size a lean, muscular,dog would have to be to weigh 150lbs. Trying to stop that coming at me with a pistol would not be my idea of entertainment. Keep in mind my idea of cougar protection is my Single Six with .22 magnums in it.

All that being said, have the wolves attacked any humans up there yet? If you're just trying to protect yourself none of this may be needed.

If you're worried about your livestock, I can certainly see the need. I've still got a lot of friends up Idaho way, and they seem to feel the wolves have realized domestic animals make easy meals.
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