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Originally Posted by cdbeagle
I am going to purchase a Lee Precision CLASSIC TURRET PRESS KIT. Any recommendations on powder scales and brass cleaners?
Did you select a supplier yet? The only kit I know of that doesn't include a scale is Kempf's.

The Lee Scale is inexpensive, but accurate. However it only goes to 110 grains and requires you know how to use a vernier scale. Ohaus makes virtually all other beam scales. The 505 is very popular and reasonably priced, but I have a 10-10 and find it easier to use than the 505. It has a drum on a threaded rod to indicates tenths of grains instead of moving a little weight. Either will do very well for you.

edit: Check out this thread. I just found it, so haven't read it yet, but the forum is pretty reliable, so it will be full of good information on scales.

Electronic scales are iffy in the lower price range.

Cleaning brass? I can break it down into 5 different methods.

Wet tumbling with stainless steel pins (I have no experience with this method. There might be two varieties, rotary and vibratory.)

Dry Tumbling with a drum-type (rotary) device (like a lapidary rock polisher)

Dry Tumbling with a vibratory tumbler with a cleaning media like crushed walnut shells and such.

Washing with detergent or soap and water

Wiping down with a soft cloth to remove grit.

Any will do.

If you are handy, you can even make brass cleaning tumblers yourself.

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