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The recommendation of a mentor is great advice. I have a bunch of Reloading Manuals and they all have something to offer. I started with the Speer No. 9 and went from there. I think the Speer manual does a fine job of laying out the basics of reloading. While it may be overkill, I have Speers 9 thru 14, Noslers 2 thru 7, Hornady 3, 4 and 8, Lyman 48 and 49, and an older Sierra. I have lost a couple loaned to friends over the years, too. I don't think you can have too many, and I certainly suggest you have at least 2. It may not be as critical now that so much data is available from manufacturers on the web, but it is still nice to cross reference loads, particularly when something unexpected happens. (and it will, sooner or later)
My favorite is probably the Nosler manual, followed by the Lyman. I like and use them all.
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