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Well if you want moar capacity I suppose those big bore revolvers are out. I think you're looking in the right direction with the 10mm. When i was doing some hiking in areas with black bears my first instinct was to take one of my .45's. I was then told by some local seasoned hunters the .45 was an aweful choice due to the slow bullet/ lack of penetration with that round. i was pointed in the direction of the 10mm. I know we are talking wolves though not bears, but still... Personally I would go with the Glock. I am no Glock fanboy i only have one of those. I just trust my Glock more than any of my other handguns some of which cost 2-3 times more. With that being said if there were wolves running around killing things in MY yard I would be sure to have a shotty and/or rifle around the house!
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