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The problem is when you see this administration and the things they have said and the things they have talked about doing over the course of the last four years under the table and whats come out in public. For instance ROM Emmanuelle said "never let a good crisis go to waste". Nancy Pelosi said on her last gun bill" If I had the votes I would've taken them all" " Mr. and Mrs. America turn them all in". You see this has been part of their agenda since day one!.. However they know there is a growing gun culture in America. Knowing this they know they must turn the public on themselves to make it look like it's our plan and our idea. But look at it this way would you turn your Gun in because "They" said so or would you turn your Gun in because "You" said so. They will be taking our guns, or at least try it's just a matter of time. You see they use our own hearts, minds, and ideals against us. Because knowing that 99% of the gun culture is law-abiding constitution loving All-American individuals. It makes it difficult for them to take away our Second Amendment right the legal way because there is no legal way for its our God-given constitutional right and indowed by our Creator and set an law by our forefathers. So therefore we must oppose this onslaught and stand firm against any control over our Second Amendment no registration, no buybacks, no confiscation, & no such things thereof. And no such terms there is enough laws on the books today to handle the criminals that they create. I work in lawinforcement and I see what's happening around us it makes me sick. All I want is for my two children to grow up in the America that I grew up thinking was true, Unfortunately it looks like things are going to go down a path that may change this nation forever and I don't know if we'll ever be able to get it back.
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