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10mm or ?? for wolves and lions?

I live in rural North Idaho. A few years ago some really bright guys in the federal government elected to plant Canadian Timber Wolves in North Idaho. Well, they recently made it to our neighborhood. We had a deer killed 75 yards from our house and our neighbor had 2 killed within 30 yards of his. So, it's time to step up from my 9mm Shield daily carry gun for our time outside around the house.

I also backcountry motorcycle and ATV in the mountains around here, and regularly camp in the backcountry. I usually carry my .45 Springfield. It's a little "light" for bears and I'd also not complain about a bit more magazine capacity. And honestly, it's a bit nice to bang around with in the backcountry on a bike.

So...I'm considering another handgun for a "woods gun". I want something light enough to carry (open) regularly. I had a Redhawk...that's out. I'd also like significant magazine capacity, given that wolves, should they be a problem, are pack animals. Which leans me towards a semi-auto. And of course I want enough caliber to get the job done, on either wolves, lion...or possibly bear. I do spend some time in Grizzly country, but far more in blackie land, especially camping. I suppose I should be concerned about moose too, was charged by one once.

The first thoughts that come to mine are the 10mm in either the Glock or the EAA Witness. Anyone own these or have thoughts about one vs the other? I own a Witness .40 steel, I'm kind of leaning towards the Witness Polymer for carry Also, how about the .357 Sig? I don't know a lot about it, but when it was introduced I seem to recall the hype saying that it was similar to a .357 mag in performance.

As far as comfort and shootability, I really like the M&P line. The Shield fits me really well and I shoot well (by my standards) with it. I'd really like to see the full size M&P in a 10.

Any thoughts or input are appreciated.
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