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To be fair, FrankenMauser, what has your experience been that you make those comments?
I'm with FrankenMauser, I've posted numerous times about my THREE experiences with three separate Taurus weapons which all have failed spectacularly or had HUGE/dangerous manufacturing mistakes. I've had issues with several used firearms such as SA, S&W, Ruger and so forth but they've always been used. I've NEVER had 3 for 3 fail in new guns from a single manufacture.

If you can afford a Taurus you can afford a Ruger... unless the model didn't have something comparable offered by Ruger I couldn't fathom why you would go with a Taurus.

I will not slight a man who like their taurus but I wouldn't bet my life on his gun either. I will not recommend a taurus to another due to my experience, seems hypocritical.

I also don't understand why people who defend their Taurus guns feel the need to require ownership to justify an opinion?

You don't need to taste a POS to know that it is in fact a POS. That doesn't just apply to Taurus.
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