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Primers and Pressure

Hello all, and thanks for all the help in the past but I have a new problem however with some rounds I recently loaded. I had some pre primed brass that I reloaded with powder and bullets and some factory rounds. Shot them and the pics show the primers. #1 was the factory round and it looks to me like this one is normal. #2 was one of the reloaded rounds. Primer looks like it has flattened out somewhat. #3 was one of the reloaded rounds and looks worse than #2. Both the reloaded rounds were identical in powder charge, bullet weight, trim to length, seating depth, headspace was -.001, rounds chambered same as factory. I had load data for WC860 powder but the load was on the low end of the scale(minimum load). I've read that when pressures are high and the primers flatten out it could be that not enough powder was used but I am leary of using more powder to prove that the flattening of the primers was caused by loading on the light side of the starting load data. Any suggestions on bumping up the scale of more powder to see if the primers change behavior?
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