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James K
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I should say that you don't draw a gun from the holster with your finger on the trigger no matter what kind of safety it has.

But I date to a time when that was exactly what we did, not only drawing with the finger on the trigger, but beginning the DA pull long before the gun came up on the target. (Yes, I still have all my toes, and my legs and feet are unmarred by bullet holes.) So, I do have to make that admission, even while saying that I don't endorse it, at least not for anyone without a great deal of practice in gun handling.

I will say that I think you and your wife need to practice drawing
to the point you do it safely without the aid of a gadget that is IMHO totally unnecessary.

But if your wife or you won't carry without it, then it becomes a choice of spending the money or not carrying; that is your decision.

Jim K
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