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I've owned 3.

My first was a 24-7 Pro .45acp. By and large, a good gun. My only complaint, with stout loads, the mag would drop out sometimes. I'm not sure it was the gun, of if my hand would bump the easy-push button. As I became a better pistol shooter, or simply changing the mag spring probably would have fixed it.

I have one of their .357 snub nose. Again, no major problems. I've had some ammo where the primers may drag when the cylinder rotates. Nothing major, just adds to trigger weight. Decent ammo has no trouble.

Lastly, I hav one of the Judges. If you jerk the trigger, it doesn't line up properly. Slow, smooth pull is no problem. I just keep it around to use in single action on pesky critters around the farm.

All in all, I don't hate Taurus, but I probably won't buy any more.
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